As part of our Continuing Professional Development training courses, SOTERIS PITTAS & CO LLC hosted its second accredited seminar that was held on Thursday 04/11/2021, at the Magnum Business Center, on the subject of “Interim Injunctions – From Theory to Practice”, which was presented by Senior and Managing Partner, Mr. Soteris Pittas.


Course Outline


The primary purpose of the 2-hour seminar was to embark on a thorough examination and analysis of the Legislative Framework governing the issuance of Injunctions, the types of Injunctions and their salient features, as well as the proceedings in the context of which such injunctions may be issued, with reference made to relevant case law.


Seminar’s Structure and Content:


In particular, the following topics were analyzed:


• Legislative Framework and Conditions

• Mareva Injunctions & Worldwide Mareva Injunctions

• Black Swan Injunctions (“Free-standing” Injunctions)

• Chabra Injunctions

• Norwich Pharmacal Disclosure Orders & Gagging Orders

• Orders for the Disclosure of Assets on Oath

• Orders for the Appointment of Interim Receiver

• Anti-suit Injunctions

• Anton Piller Orders

• Charging Orders

• Erinford Injunctions

• Quia Timet Injunctions

• Ship Arrest Warrants




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